Our Legislative Priorities

Years of cuts.
Inadequate support.
A global pandemic.

Many students aren’t getting the education they deserve because educators don’t have what they need – they’re overwhelmed with excessive class sizes, outdated technology, inadequate professional support and paychecks that often don’t even pay the bills.

Add on a global pandemic that has brought even more challenges, and we’re leaving educators with the herculean task of providing equitable, safe and dynamic learning experiences to our students.

We have to address the multiple crises before us.

To our elected officials: that means we need to work together to find solutions to these urgent challenges. We must provide relief and support to our students, educators, and communities.

Increase Revenue

Close tax loopholes for large corporations that rob our schools of precious resources.

Justice & Equity

Promote policies that ensure the best public schools for our students, educators, and communities.


Improve the evaluation process to focus on helping educators succeed.

Profession and Workload

Give educators the time, autonomy, and latitude to focus on direct instruction, planning, and student support.

Health & Safety

Stand up for the health and safety of educators and the students we educate.

About the Colorado Education Association

The Colorado Education Association is the largest union in the state, pursuing exceptional public education for every student.

We are the professionals who work most closely with students and see the real impacts of laws and policies. When it comes to education-related legislation, we invite legislators to work with and listen to us.

We are the education experts.

Members of the Colorado Education Association